Wednesday, January 23, 2019

New Year...New Goals

As we began 2019 students were reflective and brainstormed what they would like to work on this year.  They thought about setting goals at school & outside of school and made a fun craft to go with their "goals". 

During Readers Workshop we continue learning about non-fiction and how to be "smart readers" when we read non-fiction books. 

Students are doing an amazing job learning how to identify non-fiction text features and take notes on their favorite facts. 

During Phonics and Spelling we are learning all about "Super e" words.  Students are learning how the "silent e" at the end of a word will "flip the vowel" to a long vowel sound.  

In Math, we are learning about Place Value.  We are using Base Ten blocks to build numbers,  then counting them by 10s and then 1's.  We made fun snowmen using any 
2-digit number we wanted.

Students then challenged themselves and made another snowman using any 3-digit number they wanted.  

Math Tub time is always a great way to learn how to apply what we learn during Math lessons.  We have been using a variety of activities to reinforce our place value skills. Each table group has a different activity that we rotate throughout the week. 

Activities are also chosen to "revisit" skills that we learned earlier in the year and use them in conjunction with newly acquired skills.  

Tactile, hands-on activities in addition to pencil & paper activities always help reinforce what we are learning in a fun way. 

Using the number 83 (for the 83rd day of school) students have shown different ways of "splitting" the number 83 into Number Bonds.  Also showing +10/-10 in an Number Puzzle.  

During the Number Talks portion of our Morning Meeting students share strategies and "prove how you know" the answer to a double-digit addition problem.  Here you can see splitting numbers into tens and ones to add, drawing Base Ten blocks to add,  and using a number line to add.  Number Talks is a great way to differentiate and give the opportunity to students (who are at a variety of levels) to share strategies and teach each other how they arrive to their answer.  There is never an expectation or pressure that they all use the same strategy.  

Before the long weekend we spent time learning about who Martin Luther King, Jr. was and why we have a national holiday celebrating him.  After learning about him students wrote about his dreams and our dreams. 

Dates to Remember

  • February 2nd - Edna's Variety Show
  • February 6th - 10:15 -11:05 - Room 8 Interactive Art Show - parents invited to join
  • February 14th - Valentine's Day celebration - students only 
  • February 18 - 22 - NO SCHOOL - Mid-Winter Break

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Winter is Here!


Winter is here and with the holidays around the corner, students have been learning about Holidays Around the World.  It has been wonderful to watch the kids learn about different cultures and appreciate the diversity we have in our classroom.   Here are a few examples of the holidays we learned about:

We have also had a family visit to share about their Hanukkah family traditions.

During Readers Workshop we have added in reading non-fiction pieces and learning about the different features.  Students are learning "All About Reindeer" and making a book that helps them understand chapters and features of a non-fiction teaching book.  

Students are applying what they learn about non-fiction books in Readers Workshop to their "All About" books during Writer's Workshop.  We are recognizing that we are all "experts" in something and can be authors, too.  Students have chosen subjects they feel they are experts in and are writing All About books. 

During Math we have spent time learning strategies to memorize our Doubles and Doubles +1 facts and have played many fun games to help solidify the these facts. 

We have also spent the last couple of weeks working on Missing Addends.  They are using manipulatives, number lines and "bumping up" to solve for missing numbers.  We have also had fun games and Math Tub activities to practice solving for an unknown number.  

Students have also been solving number puzzles by counting +1 -1 and +10 -10 using a 120 chart.  We will continue to practice this skill all year long as it will help them with double digit addition and subtraction facts. 

Please join us for our Holiday Celebration 
on Friday, December 21st @12:45PM in Room 8. 
We will be making holiday crafts and playing games.  Everyone is invited to join, including siblings. 
We hope to see you there!

Dates to Remember 
Winter Break: Dec 22 - Jan 6 
School Resumes: Monday, January 7 
Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday: Monday, January 21

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Our Silly Pumpkin Patch

Students are having a great time getting ready for Halloween.  They wrote a descriptive paragraph focusing on adjectives and details about their pumpkin's appearance and personality.


We are also reading a variety of Halloween stories and learning about story structure and elements including: Setting, Characters, Problem and Solution.  This will help students with their story structure when they write their own stories. 


In Math, we have been working on Fact Families and learning how addition and subtraction facts are related.  Students are now seeing the value of learning their addition facts and how it can help them solve subtraction more easily. 

We continue to work on addition and subtraction story problems and how to identify key words like "altogether", "in all", "How many more?" and "What's the difference".  Room 8 had fun making Halloween story problems. 

After observing the moon for the month of October, students have learned how to identify the different patterns in the sky - or "moon phases".  They can now identify a new moon, crescent moon, quarter moon, gibbous moon and full moon.  Students are also learning the difference between "waxing" and "waning".  They had a fun time making Moon Phase mobiles and added them to our classroom decorations.  

Our reading is growing by leaps and bounds! Room 8 is doing a great job applying reading strategies like stretching out the sounds (Stretchy the Snake), chunking the words – i.e. covering the endings “ed” and “ing” to sound out the root/base word (Chunky Monkey) and flipping the vowel sound from short vowel to long vowel sound (Flippy the Dolphin).   Students have also pointed out that sometimes consonants flip sounds (hard g – to soft g like /j/ or hard c – to soft c like /s/.  

We are having fun reading non-fiction pieces about Moon facts...

...or fiction during Reader's Workshop.  We are concentrating on “thinking while we read” and using sticky notes to log our feelings, thoughts, and connections.   

We have wrapped up our unit on Insects and Adaptations.  Students did such a great job researching an insect with a partner and presenting their information with classmates.  

We also added their information on a class Adaptations Chart.  

As a culminating activity the Insect Discovery Lab visited Edna and brought some beautiful and amazing insects to share with us!  Students were able to apply what they know about adaptations that allow insects to survive and make connections with the insects that visited us.  

Upcoming Events & Reminders
  • Wednesday, October 31st - Halloween Parade @8:50AM
  • Wednesday, October 31st - Room 8 Halloween Celebration 
  • @12:45PM - 1:55 PM
  • November 5-16th - EARLY DISMISSAL @1:55PM for Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Monday, November 12th - NO SCHOOL: Veterans Day 
  • November 19 -23 - NO SCHOOL: Thanksgiving Recess